Illumra E9X-DUV-10VTP 20A 0-10V DIM AREA CONTROL (Military Grade 902 MHz)/Optional Bluetooth

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Illumra E9X-DUV-10VTP 20A 0-10V DIM AREA CONTROLLER The 20A 0-10V Dimming Area Controller from ILLUMRA allows wireless control of room ambiance by dimming LED and fluorescent luminaries. The controller also reduces energy consumption and supports compliance with the latest energy regulations. The controller is rated for switching full 20A circuits, allowing it to work in nearly any application. Area vs. Fixture Controller The Area Controller on this page features full 20A circuit switching capacity and may be used to control multiple fixtures over a larger area by daisy-chaining the 0-10V control signals between fixtures. To control multiple fixtures without daisy-chaining 0-10V control wires, see the 5A 0-10V Dimming Fixture Controller, which is optimized for use one controller per fixture to eliminate the need for adding dimming control wiring between fixtures.