SPARTAN TOOL MODEL 300 DRAIN CLEANING MACHINE Challenging jobs won’t put you in a tough spot with Spartan Tool pipe cleaners. (Cable is not included with cable machines) Are you trying to get a big pipe cleaning job done, but need some more powerful main line drain cleaner with the capability to do what you require? When you need heavy duty power for 3″ to 6″ lines down to 100′, the Spartan Model 300 Drain Cleaning Machine is just the drain rooter powerhouse for you. The Model 300’s compact design makes it perfect for tight spaces and narrow doorways. This pipe line cleaning machine touts exclusive features such as our patented Dial-A-Cable power feed that automatically sends cable in and out of the line and our whisper-quiet, gear-reduced Permanent Magnet motor that provides quicker torque and longer life. Versatility is one of the greatest advantages that the Spartan Model 300 Drain Cleaning Machine brings. You can load both 75′ of 5/8″ cable and up to 100′ of .55 magnum cable. Additionally, it is built to avoid kinking and buckling and controls torque build-up with an inner drum that rotates independently of the outer drum. Cable is not included with cable machines. Shop cable now. Features Medium-weight machine with heavy-duty power for 3″ – 6″ lines up to 200′ when used with second drum Compact design allows operation in tight spaces and fits through the narrowest doorways Permanent Magnet gear-reduced quiet motor with watertight switch makes Spartan machines the quietest in the industry Accepts the Model 100 drum for added flexibility Patented Dial-A-Cable power feed allows for quick cable changes and feeds cable in and out automatically Independent rotating inner drum prevents cable kinking and buckling that can break cables Quick interchangeable drum capability Direct drive with cable-saving slip clutch Air-operated foot switch 25′ power cord with ground fault interrupter Telescoping handle for compact storage Safety Air-operated foot switch Belt guards Cable guide GFCI power cord Torque limiting clutch Power feed (works with cable guide)